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Mirchi - It 's Hot Part 1 Movie Download In Hindi

Mirchi - It's Hot Part 1 Movie in Hindi

Mirchi - It's Hot is a 2004 Hindi movie directed by Dinesh D Awashti and starring Nirmal Pandey, Sambhavna Sheth, Archana Puran Singh, Harish Patel and others. The movie is a bold and erotic thriller that revolves around the lives of four people who are involved in a web of crime, lust and betrayal.


The movie begins with Sirji (Nirmal Pandey), a powerful underworld don, who hires a hitman named Ilyas Khan (Harish Patel) to kill his rival Durga Pandey (Archana Puran Singh), a corrupt politician. However, Ilyas falls in love with Durga's daughter Nilofer (Nilofer Khan), who is unaware of his true identity. Meanwhile, Sirji's wife Dost Mohammed (Priyanka Sinha) is having an affair with a young man named Ankush (Ankush Mohite), who is also working for Sirji as a driver. Sirji also has a mistress named Sambhavna (Sambhavna Sheth), who is a dancer and entertainer at his club. Sambhavna is secretly in love with Sirji and wants to marry him, but Sirji treats her as a toy and uses her for his sexual pleasure.

The movie takes a twist when Sirji finds out about Dost Mohammed's affair and decides to kill her and Ankush. He also learns that Ilyas has betrayed him and joined hands with Durga. He orders Ilyas to kill Nilofer, but Ilyas refuses and confesses his love to her. Sirji then sends his men to kill Ilyas and Nilofer, but they manage to escape. Sirji also tries to kill Sambhavna, but she survives and vows to take revenge on him. The movie ends with a climactic showdown between Sirji and his enemies, where he faces the consequences of his actions.

Mirchi - It's Hot is a movie that explores the dark side of human nature and the consequences of greed, lust and violence. The movie has many bold and explicit scenes that depict the sexual relationships between the characters. The movie also has some action sequences and dialogues that add to the thrill and drama. The movie received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience, who praised the performances of the actors but criticized the story and the direction. The movie was rated 2/5 by Bollywood MuVyz and was certified on Aug 6, 2004.

If you want to watch the movie online, you can find it on YouTube or The Movie Database. You can also watch the trailer and read more about the cast and crew on these websites.


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