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Sound On Facebook Video Not Working

Facebook isn't just about Outfits of the Day, plates of food, political banter or clever status updates, you can also watch videos from a variety of outlets, the local news or a co-worker. Most videos on Facebook include sound, so it's annoying when you discover you can't tell whether roller coaster-riding grandma is screaming for joy or from terror because your sound isn't working. This problem could be caused by a variety of issues, so there are several things to investigate.

sound on facebook video not working

Check to make sure you didn't mute the sound on your device. On some devices, you can look at the volume control on the taskbar or drop-down menu, while on others, such as a laptop, the volume could be in one of the bottom corners. You might have muted the device by accident, or it might be during your device's silent period, an option you use to keep devices from making sounds during a certain period, such as when you are usually in a meeting.

Some internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have an option to mute sounds for videos. Check your browser's settings to see if sounds are being muted. For example, in Chrome click the three-dot icon in the right corner of the browser screen and select Settings > Privacy and Security > Content Settings > Sound to see if sites are allowed to play sounds.

Some videos on the Facebook app are muted by default, and you have to turn the volume on after the video loads. Make sure there isn't an "x" next to the volume symbol on the video. If there is an "x," click the icon to restore the sound and then adjust the volume to suit your preferences.

Does the sound for Spotify, YouTube or Pandora work? Check to see if other apps have sound. If they do, your problem is most likely a Facebook app issue, but if they don't, this could be an indication of a problem with your device. At this point, you could uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app and see if that fixes the issue. You could also clear your browser's cache and cookies.

If nothing else has worked, reboot your device. In most cases, this fixes sound issues that are caused by conflicts between apps and programs. After your system is fully running again, verify the sound is working and then go on Facebook and try to watch the video again. If the video still does not have sound, contact Facebook.

There are many reasons why a Facebook video has no sound, and the most common one is that the video is incorrectly encoded, or is silent at the first place. In that case, you can try other videos and see if they have audio issues as well.

A1: To turn off in-app sounds:1. Tap the Triple bar in the bottom right of Facebook.2. Choose "Settings & Privacy" and tap "Settings".3. Scroll down to "Media" and click on "Sound".4. Turn off the In-App Sounds.

Why are Facebook videos no sound suddenly? There are several reasons listed below. In corresponding to these reasons, there are solutions to fix these problems simply and fast. Take a look now. BTW, if all the fixes do not work for no reason, try to download the Facebook video for offline playback using the following tool.

You can fix the problem with a few clicks as shown in the right image or by selecting in the menu: Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Sound (Depending on the browser version, the steps may vary slightly). Restart your browser and see if the sound plays.

If Facebook audio not working is not solved, reboot your device. In most cases, this can fix most computer problems, including sound issues. After your system is fully running again, verify the sound is working and then go to Facebook and try to watch the video again. If the video still does not have sound, you should try to contact Facebook for technical assistance.

If all the solutions above do not fix the issues, you can try to download the videos via a Facebook downloader - HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This method can not only help you solve Facebook audio not working issue, but also applies to other online video playing problems, such as fixing YouTube no sound problem, fix twitter videos not playing, google drive videos not playing.

The issue that there's no sound on Facebook video can occur on Chrome, iPhone, Android, Windows PC, and any other devices. Quite a few users have experienced the no sound issue when they upload Facebook video or download Facebook video. Here are some useful troubleshooting tips for getting the Facebook audio problem resolved.

Several factors may cause the no sound issue with the Facebook you watch, upload, or download. For example, you made some wrong system audio settings on your device, there are problems with your browser for Flash Player, Facebook app settings, system conflicts, or the source video sound, to name a few. Figuring out what causes the Facebook video no sound issue can help you resolve the issue quickly.

Is Facebook the only app that has sound? Does YouTube, Instagram, or Prime Video have audio when streaming? If other streaming services sound works fine on your device, the issue may be related to Facebook app. Otherwise, there might be an issue with your device.

The "x" icon next to the volume settings on the Facebook video means the sound is muted. Turn the volume on when playing Facebook video. Make sure the sound on your device is not muted. Then check if your browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, is set to mute sounds. Some users reported Facebook video no sound issue on Chrome and the cause is that the Chrome sound setting is muted. When audio is muted on browsers or devices, there's also no sound when streaming YouTube, Instagram, or others.

A simple restart sometimes can fix some unknown issues perfectly. Just turn shut down Facebook and restart your device. Open Facebook again, choose a video to play to check whether the no sound issue is resolved or not.

Use the Playing Audio troubleshooter on Windows to fix the Facebook no sound issue on Windows. The Playing Audio troubleshooter checks for volume settings, sound drive or card, speakers or headphones. Open the Playing Audio troubleshooter and have a try.

Try installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Play a Facebook video to see if the method works. If it doesn't work, use the Report a Problem link on your Facebook account and report the no sound issue on Facebook video to Facebook developers.

I can't get sound on my Facebook videos! It works fine on my computer but after I upgrade to iOS 13, there is no sound on Facebook videos on my iPhone. I have tried to delete and reinstall the iOS update but get no luck. Any suggestion to fix Facebook videos no sound problem? It's driving me crazy...

Sometimes you may suddenly lost sound on Facebook video playback, frustrating. Users may experience Facebook video sound not working problem during playback or after uploading on computer, iPhone, iPad, Android etc due to different reasons. Here we will analyze and solve the Facebook video sound problem on a case-by-case basis. If your Facebook videos have no sound, you will find a fix here.

MacX Video Converter Pro provides ultimate solution for Facebook videos audio not working problem by free downloading videos, clips, music from Facebook and 1000+ other sites like Vimeo, Vevo, Myspace etc. so that you can smoothly watch Facebook videos offline during COVID-19, no network or online settings trouble.

As the user mentioned above, you may all of sudden run into Facebook video sound not working error on iPhone iPad. The reason can be the Facebook app problem, or the changed iPhone iPad settings after you upgrade to new iOS 10.12 for example. When your Facebook videos have no sound on iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/SE/6S, iPad Air 2/mini 4 etc, try the fixes below:

If you can't get sound on Facebook video but can play sound in local desktop videos, the browser software may be the cause to the no sound on Facebook videos error. If this happens to you, fix the Facebook video sound not working in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari as below:

* IE: Close all Internet Explorer windows > Open desktop Internet Explorer. Go to Tools, Internet Option > Select the Advanced tab > Scroll down to "multi-media" sub-heading > Make sure the box next to "play sounds in web pages" is checked > Click ok > Restart Internet Explorer.

Can't get audio on Facebook on a PC/Mac is also a common problem. There are various different reasons for this problem and here we have gathered all the possible solutions to FB videos sound not working problem on computer/laptop. Just follow the guide below to fix Facebook video not playing with sound on computer:

Like the problem on iPhone iPad, you may get errors with Facebook videos on Android/Samsung devices. If you have audio out of sync, audio not working error on Facebook videos, you may try some common fixes in the iPhone iPad section, or check the following fixes:

The final error is the sound problem during a Facebook video chat. Some users are complaining that they can't get sound on Facebook videos when they talk to somebody. "I can see the screen, but there is no sound on the speaker of my laptop." Here are some suggestions you my try:

As with many computer problems, a lack of sound on a Facebook video can be caused by many different factors. By identifying where exactly the problem lies you can more easily come up with a fix -- playing other videos on Facebook, videos on different websites and videos stored locally on your computer should indicate the root cause of the issue.

If the lack of sound only occurs on one video on Facebook (other videos on the site play without problems), check the volume setting for the clip (hover the mouse cursor over the video to see the volume control). If the volume is set correctly, then it's likely that the file has been encoded or uploaded without any audio attached. If the video is one of your own uploads, check the source file and try processing and uploading it again. If the video belongs to someone else, check with the user in question to see if the clip should have sound and to flag the problem. 350c69d7ab


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