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Factory Simulator GUI

Now, how about the product variants? For each variant of a product family, we create a separate factory class based on the AbstractFactory interface. A factory is a class that returns products of a particular kind. For example, the ModernFurnitureFactory can only create ModernChair, ModernSofa and ModernCoffeeTable objects.

Factory Simulator GUI


The client code has to work with both factories and products via their respective abstract interfaces. This lets you change the type of a factory that you pass to the client code, as well as the product variant that the client code receives, without breaking the actual client code.

It works like this: when an application launches, it checks the type of the current operating system. The app uses this information to create a factory object from a class that matches the operating system. The rest of the code uses this factory to create UI elements. This prevents the wrong elements from being created.

In a well-designed program each class is responsible only for one thing. When a class deals with multiple product types, it may be worth extracting its factory methods into a stand-alone factory class or a full-blown Abstract Factory implementation.

Create factory initialization code somewhere in the app. It should instantiate one of the concrete factory classes, depending on the application configuration or the current environment. Pass this factory object to all classes that construct products.

A factory reset restores all settings and configuration changes to factory default. You can reset the gateway by inserting a paperclip in the Reset port on the back of the device for 5-10 seconds or using the Reset button in the Web GUI. To perform a factory reset in the Web GUI:

The configuration wizard enables you to configure basic settings on the switch. You can run the wizard after you receive the switch from the factory or after the switch has been reset to factory defaults. The configuration wizard is available in both GUI and CLI formats.

The AWS DeepRacer console is a graphical user interface for interacting with the AWS DeepRacer service. You can use the console to train a reinforcement learning model and to evaluate the model performance in the AWS DeepRacer simulator built upon AWS RoboMaker. In the console, you can also download a trained model for deployment to your AWS DeepRacer vehicle for autonomous driving in a physical environment. 041b061a72


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