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Buy Used Bus ((HOT))

If you want to purchase a used bus or list a bus for sale of your own, you have come to the right place. Buses For Sale is the number one "bus stop" for buses, motorcoaches and RV conversions on the web. We have a wide variety of buses to choose from, including school buses, tour/charter buses, mini buses, double deckers and RV conversions. Find makes and models from the industry's most respected brands, including MCI, Prevost, Setra, Chevrolet, GMC, Van Hool, Ford, Bluebird and many more. Search or browse our extensive inventory and find the best bus at the best price today!

buy used bus

A. FTA Circular 9300.1B at page III-6 discusses the service life of vehicles purchased with FTA funds. It lists the service life of vans at four years or 100,000 miles. It does not address the service life of used vehicles. When one rehabilitates or rebuilds vehicles, there is no extension of service life stated as required in the law. (Revised: September 2010)

A. The FTA requirements for purchasing used vehicles are the same as for new vehicles, i.e., you must follow the requirements of FTA Procurement Circular 4220.1F. (Revised: September 2010)

A. There's nothing in the FTA regulations that precludes a sub-recipient from purchasing used equipment. They should, however, ensure that the vehicles comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements. (Reviewed: September 2010)

A. Generally, the requirements for procuring used vehicles are identical to those for the procurement of new vehicles. An RFP should seek vehicles that meet ADA, Buy America, Bus Testing, EPA, FMVSS, and all other Federal requirements.

FTA recognizes, however, that it may be impractical for used vehicles to demonstrate compliance with some of the Buy America requirements, such as the pre-award and post-delivery audit, and having a resident inspector present during the vehicle's construction. Please contact your representative in FTA's regional office if you need further assistance in this area. (Revised: September 2010)

Want to take a cross-country road trip but your family SUV just doesnt have the space for everyone? Or maybe your church group needs a church bus to attend functions in together. There are many ways to utilize the convenience and space of a bus, and most modern vehicles are feature-packed. Browse the listings on eBay for a selection of busses at multiple price points in conditions from new to used to certified pre-owned and get that vacation started.

While budget may factor into your purchasing decision, you can always find pre-owned and used options on eBay along with vintage options if youre looking to refurbish an old vehicle yourself or just think it looks cooler. Many people are even using these vehicles to create tiny homes or getaways.

It is not uncommon for an older bus to have had an engine or transmission replaced, which changes the effective age as indicated by the mileage report. Documentation of those replacements is very important. You will need to know if the replacement equipment was new or used and how long ago it was installed to assess the future life of the vehicle. In most cases, your dealer can provide you with the necessary paperwork and background information. Without it, the inherent risk associated with such a purchase does increase.

Cost, after all, is what it often boils down to. A used bus, depending on the condition and specifications, can run anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000, while a new bus will hit in the $50,000 range or higher. The initial savings are substantial, but repairs will eventually be necessary. Therefore, a late-model used bus is generally the best investment.

Financing is another consideration. You would expect financing options to be available when purchasing a used car, and the same is true for a used bus. Various options should be available through the dealer or other financial institutions.

In addition, when negotiating costs, be aware that the make of the body and chassis play a role in determining the reliability as well as the price of a used bus. Information on the application of premiums and discounts based on brand can be found in The Official School Bus Resale Guide, which you can order by calling (800) 775-4577.

However, many used buses serve a useful purpose when districts are in need of non-route vehicles, which include activity buses or those used exclusively for field trips. According to the 2002 school district survey published in the November 2002 issue of SCHOOL BUS FLEET, about half of school bus fleets (50.8 percent) operate with a spare ratio of 10 to 20 percent.

Finally, make your used buses part of a regular preventive maintenance program, following all original manufacturer guidelines. This is the most effective tool in ensuring the future performance and safety of all your used vehicles.

The best and the easiest place to find a used school bus are school districts or schools. These buses will be serviced and maintained regularly as the schools take safety of the children very seriously.

This site sells different types of buses. You can buy used buses or new. You can even build a bus to your requirement. The prices are slighter higher. But this place ensures that you are getting a bus that has been fully maintained and inspected for safety.

American Bus Sales has been a trusted supplier of used buses from 2004. They have a wide range of buses including Blue Bird, Thomas, Ford, Chevrolet, IC buses. Most of the buses they come with added benefits of a warranty.

Central States Bus is a one-stop shop for school transportation needs. They deal in new and used buses. They have a stock of spare parts and accessories. They provide technical support. Their vehicles come with warranties.

The availability of used buses, suppliers of buses and technical and mechanical aspects have to be thoroughly checked before the actual purchase is made. A feasibility study is warranted to assess whether the overall cost is cheap and if the purchase is worth the money paid.

Buses being used in areas without snow and rain will be in better conditions. Rain and snow causes rust and faster deterioration of mechanical equipment. Buses plying in drier regions will have lesser chances of rusty parts.

In places where it snows heavily during winter the roads are heavily salted. This causes the vehicles to rust. Rains too cause rust on the metal parts partly due to ageing of the buses and partly due to the quality of the metal used. Rust spreads.

Our used bus and vehicle pricing model now reflects a no-hassle, no-pressure, and low-risk buying experience. The advertised price below is exactly what you are going to pay, plus applicable taxes and fees*. Also, every vehicle goes through an extensive inspection so you can browse and buy with confidence.

Let Creative Bus Sales find you your next used bus or transport vehicle! We offer a wide selection of pre-owned buses for sale to our clients across the United States. Whether you are looking for a used shuttle bus or pre-owned mini bus, we\'re sure to have something in stock that will meet your needs. Visit one of our used bus dealerships today and find out just how much money you can save on these lightly-used models!

Let Creative Bus Sales find you your next used bus or transport vehicle! We offer a wide selection of pre-owned buses for sale to our clients across the United States. Whether you are looking for a used shuttle bus or pre-owned mini bus, we're sure to have something in stock that will meet your needs. Visit one of our used bus dealerships today and find out just how much money you can save on these lightly-used models!

The Internet is a great tool for finding bargains. However, the big hitters on the Web, such as eBay and Amazon, cover the whole country. Searches for products on those big sites will return lists and lists of used buses for sale, but most of them will be located a long way away or even abroad.

Buying from a dealership gives you greater peace of mind because that company has assets, employees and legal responsibilities to uphold in order to remain in business. Reputation management also means that any dealer is more likely to get all the documentation on a used bus verified before it is put up for resale.

A dealership warranty takes a lot of the stress out of buying a used bus. Most used vehicle warranties are short, but extendible. Check whether the dealership is willing to offer a service and maintenance contract.

The question of when to buy your bus is a tricky subject. Private commerce is a matter of negotiation, which is driven by supply and demand. In the used bus market, the behavior of fleet operators has a much bigger influence on price than the weather.

Similarly, if your requirements for a bus arise from a new enterprise, chances are you will have a period of time before you actually need to buy a used bus. So, for example, if you are building a new hotel, keep your eye open for bus deals throughout the construction period rather than waiting until the hotel is completed and being forced to buy on the spot.

Some used bus dealerships offer financing, and you can combine the purchase agreement with a loan, a service agreement and a buy-back guarantee. That would structure your bus purchase to be more like a lease. Remember, your accountant will thank you for buying on finance because it makes her job of amortization of the bus cost a lot easier.

If you live in North Carolina, you are in luck. Gregory Poole Bus Sales has a used bus division. We have been in business for 70 years, providing companies and organizations with reliable transportation that works with their budgets. As a full-service used bus seller, we offer financing on used buses and have a spares and maintenance division. 041b061a72


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