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AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 Crack Mac

AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 Mac Review

AudioScore Ultimate is a software that allows you to transcribe music recordings and performances into a score. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later, and requires a microphone or an audio file as input. In this article, we will review the features, benefits, and drawbacks of AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 for Mac users.


AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 has many features that make it a powerful and versatile tool for music transcription. Some of the main features are:


  • Improved accuracy: AudioScore's audio recognition engine has been completely re-engineered to provide better music precision and detail. It can recognize multiple overlapping notes, minimize interference caused by drum and percussion sounds, and achieve superior pitch recognition and note separation.

  • Fast and easy workflow: AudioScore can automatically detect all instrumentation and create a score with staves labeled for each part. You can play back note selections in high-quality audio, save scores as PDFs for easy printing, and send them directly to Sibelius or other music programs.

  • Transcribe CDs and MP3s: AudioScore can open a CD track or an MP3 file and transcribe it to a score. It can convert up to 16 instruments or notes at a time into multiple staves, with up to four voices per staff.

  • View, edit, and play back nuanced performances: AudioScore enables you to view, play, and edit the most intricate nuances of a performance, such as the subtle changes in pitch, volume, and timing. You can also produce new versions of music using MIDI instruments of your choice.

  • Create scores by hand: AudioScore allows you to create musical scores by singing or playing into your computer using only a microphone. It provides instant graphical feedback about the pitch of your performance over time, so you can see mistakes and make adjustments while performing.


AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 offers many benefits for Mac users who want to transcribe music quickly and accurately. Some of the benefits are:

  • Save time and effort: AudioScore can save you hours of manual transcription by automatically converting audio into notation. You can also edit and refine your score with ease using the intuitive interface and tools.

  • Enhance your creativity: AudioScore can help you create new musical ideas by transforming existing recordings or performances into different styles and instruments. You can also experiment with different pitches, volumes, and timings to create unique variations.

  • Learn from the masters: AudioScore can help you study and analyze the music of your favorite artists by transcribing their songs into scores. You can see how they use melody, harmony, rhythm, and dynamics to create their musical expressions.


AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 is not without its drawbacks, however. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • High price: AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 is not cheap, costing $249 USD for a single license. This may be too expensive for some users who only need basic transcription features or who have limited budgets.

  • Limited compatibility: AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later. This means that users who have older versions of Mac OS X or who use Windows or Linux will not be able to use it.

  • Potential errors: AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 is not perfect, and may sometimes produce errors or inaccuracies in the transcription process. This may require manual correction or verification by the user.


In conclusion, AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 is a powerful and versatile software that can transcribe music recordings and performances into a score. It has many features, benefits, and drawbacks that make it suitable for different users and purposes. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to transcribe music on your Mac, you may want to give AudioScore Ultimate 9.0.0 a try.


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