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Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore


Is there a good, current source for downloading Creo Material files? I am looking for commonly used metals and plastics. It seems crazy that every individual or organization has to create their own material library. I'm assuming this has been done many times, but cannot find a definitive source online.

Download PTCN TNK zip

PTC Creo Illustrate is a great program for creating animations and visuals, however, you can't create CAD models. You can use other programs such as PTC Creo Parametric, PTC Creo Elements, SolidWorks, or AutoCAD to create your own model. Alternatively, you can download a file from GrabCAD or other free sites. Once you're ready to import, go to File -> Import and then select your CAD file. When you click Open you should get a window similar to the one below.

Now that everything is set up, it's time to save your experience and publish it. Click on "Save" in the top left corner, then click on "Publish". Once it has successfully published, your AR experience is ready to be viewed on a smartphone or tablet with the Vuforia View Enterprise application downloaded.

Almost finished! The last step is to download Vuforia View Enterprise onto your smartphone or tablet. Once you have it downloaded, open up the application, go to settings, and type your service URL. Now print the ThingMark that you used in Vuforia Studio and scan it with your smartphone or tablet. Open up your experience and enjoy your new augmented reality! 041b061a72


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